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Want to know more about the driving force behind Little Toy House? Read on to learn more about Iren’s learning journey and how her own little girl played her part!

Originally from Hungary, Iren is the brain behind Little Toy House.

Her journey since arriving in London in 2007 to going on to supply high quality educational toys for children is an interesting and a heart-warming one.

“I love finding educational toys that help young minds grow. I myself, began learning as soon as I arrived in the UK with my partner Michael. In fact, I was still studying for my Masters Degree at the West Faculty of Art in Romania when we did!”


“Starting in London as a cleaner with Pizza Express to pay the bills, I began working in a nursery after a couple of years. This is where my passion for child development began. Since then, I have worked as a nanny and professional childcare provider for over 12 years.”


“I’ve learnt much during this time - knowledge I use every day in my own Little Stars School Club. However, it’s our own happy little 5-year-old daughter, Diana, and her curiosity that has provided much of the inspiration for our educational toy store.”

Our Mission

Our mission at Little toy House is to inspire your child to be curious about the world around them & encourage creativity in a fun & relaxed way.


We hand-pick a world-class range of educational kid's toys, games, gifts & Usborne kid's books which are good quality, safe and backed by our family focused customer service.


A toy from Little toy House is a wonderful gift for your special boy or girl.

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“Diana is a happy and bright girl, with an intensely curious mind - something that has been the case since she was a tot. Having home-schooled her and seeing her grow, I gained a vision - to open an educational toy store with a difference”. 


I am passionate about the Montessori principles and allowing children the freedom to play in their own way and empowering them to be independent at their own pace. 

I set up Little Toy House, to provide you with thoughtful toys to enable your beloved child reach their full potential, while having FUN!

I love hearing from other parents on their journeys so feel free to contact me on our contact page. 

We are just starting out on our adventure here at Little Toy House, so please check back regularly for new, exciting stock drops!

Why not follow us on social media, as myself and Diana (my business’s right hand) continue our journey?

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